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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 20 % Over 100 million Air Pollution.,,,, of people that live in air polluted areas have a higher risk of death from lung cancer people are affected by air pollution every year. It's comparable to diseases like malaria. 40% of deaths worldwide every year is caused by pollution Primary sources of Air Pollution Even though there are many sources of causes of air pollution such as carnon monoxide, etc.these are the primary sources of air pollution The biggest problems air pollution gives are,It's a big cause in some of our economical problems today.It takes many lives annually including that of animals.And it causes and increases the risk of many health problemsAnd one of the biggest there is, is Some solutions of air pollution that really will help out is,Try to carpool as much as possible to decrease the use of fossil fuels.Maybe try to walk or bike to your destination, if possible, once in awhile.Try to take different sorts of transportation such as bus or train, etc. Air pollution is the contamination of our air with harmful substances or pollutants.
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