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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 REYE'S SYNDROME Reye's Syndrome is often found in 4-14 year olds. The cause of Reye's Syndrome is unknown. But children who take aspirin and are recovering from the chicken pox, flu, or any viral infection can be a certain factor. What is Reye's Syndrome? Reye's Syndrome is a serious condition in which the brain and liver suffer severe damage. Reyes Syndrome is rare but is also very dangerous. Reye's Syndrome can cause death within hours and is also unexpected. Signs and symptoms can range from continuous vomiting to unexplainable fatigue. Diarrhea can happen in younger children as well. Change in behavior and confusion can also occur. Children who take aspirin after a viral infection or people who have a fatty acid oxidation disorder are more prone to have Reye's Syndrome. People who survive Reye's Syndrome can have possible brain damage. But, the syndrome can also result in death if not treated quickly. Reye's Syndrome is treated in the Intensive Care Unit. IV fluids and medications to stop the bleeding are given within the unit. There is no immediate test to determine Reye's Syndrome. But, blood and urine samples can be screened. Invasive tests such as MRI or spinal tap (lumbar puncture) can also be used to determine abnormalities. Prognosis: if Reye's Syndrome is caught early, full recovery is highly likely. If it is caught late, permanent brain damage can happen, as well as death. The U.S. only has less than 1000 cases each year. By: Ena Ballesteros and Enok Thang
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