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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Early battles of the revolutionary warBy: Jimmy Wilson The battle of bunker hill Date: June 17th 1775 British leaders: General Howe, John Pitcairn Patriot leaders: General Joseph warren, Israel Putnam, William Prescott British casualties: 1150 Patriot casualties: 441 What happened-Americans learned of British plans to take breeds and bunker hill-patriots built forts the night before the British arrived-General Howe lead three charges up breeds hill-patriots ran out of ammo Outcome: British won and controlled Boston The battle of Long Island Date: August 27th 1776 Patriot leaders: George Washington, Charles lee British leaders: General William Howe, Richard Howe British casualties: 400 Patriot casualties: 2000 Outcome: British won and controlled nyc Location: Charlestown heights Massachusetts Location: Long Island ny Battle of Brandy Wine Creek What happened-Washington took troops to defend nyc -British offered Washington a surrender instead of fighting -British ordered troops to attack the center of the patriot defense-patriots forced to retreat Date: September 11th 1777 British leaders: General William Howe Patriot leader: George Washington Patriot casualties: 1300-1900 British casualties: 600-2000 What happened-Washington positioned troops east of brandy wine creek on higher ground-Howe sent half the troops across chads ford and the rest south to surprise right flank Outcome: British won and controlled Philadelphia Location: chads ford pa British advantage: more soldiers British advantage: strong navy British advantage: larger fighting force
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