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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Smallpox in the Revolutionary War Smallpox was the leading causeof death in the war and what they did to stop it from spreading One out of every threesoldiers died from smallpox The smallpox is ten times moreterrible than the British,Canadians and Indians together double click to change this title text! Symptoms - chills- high fever- headache- back pain- bumps/dots Did you know?Washington fought off thesmallpox when he was a kid Can you explainhow smallpoxaffected the war? Smallpox killed many soldiersbut the ones that werefighting it had to recoverfor many weeks. This made the continentalarmy weak. Washington believed thatinoculation would helpto make the soldiersgrow resistant to smallpoxbut he worried aboutthe recovery time andthe army. What were some of themotives behind secretlyinoculating yourselfand others? The soldiers wanted to beresistant right then eventhough Washington saidnot to. They didn't want todie from it so they did itthemselves. It was easyenough for them to do too. Risks - Until soldiers were fullyrecovered, they couldstill spread the disease.fully healed. - They were unfit for dutyweeks so the army wouldn'thave many people to helpfight. It weakened the army. - Inoculation was easy enough to do in secret. That caused the disease to spreadbecause the soldiers who did it,weren't in isolation. Without being inisolation until they are fully recovered, the disease kept spreading causing an epidemic. John Adams Sydney Shoffner What the smallpox virus looks like
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