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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Early Battles Of Revolutionary War Bunker Hill: June 17th, 1775 Patriots: British: Leaders: General Joseph Warren Israel Putnam William Presscott Leaders: British General HoweBritish Major John Pitcairn Causalities: 441 Casualties: 1150 Charleston Heights, Massachusetts British advantages: superior navygreat amount of equipmentmore supplies Americans learned that British plan to take Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill and secretly build forts the night before the British arriveGeneral Howe leads three charges up Breed's hillAmericans run out of amo after 2nd charge and are forced to retreat Long Island: August 27th,1776 British victoryBritish control Boston What happened? Patriots: British: Leaders: George WashingtonCharles Lee Casualties: about 2,000 Leaders: General William HoweRichard Howe Casualties: about 400 What happened? Washington takes troops to defend NYCBritish offer Washington a surrender in place of fightingBritish send a small force to attack center of Patriot defense and rest of army surround AmericansPatriots are forced to retreat while 400 soldiers from Maryland cover the retreat Near New York City British victory British control NYC Patriots retreat to Pa Brandywine Creek: September 11th, 177 Patriots: British: Leaders: George Washington Leaders:General William Howe Casualties: 1,300-1,900 Casualties: 600-2,000(closer to 600) What happened?: Washington positioned troops east of Brandywine Creek on high ground expecting British to cross at Chadds FordHowe sent half of army across Chadds Ford and the rest south to surprise right flankContinental line wasn't completely formed and fell back to attack Chadds Ford, Pa British VictoryBritish control Philadelphia Brandywine Creek Bunker Hill Long Island British advantages: Bunker Hill: superior navygreat amount of equipmentmore supplies Long Island: strong navylarge fighting force Brandywine Creek: superior navylarge fighting force
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