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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Revolutionary Infographhic 1776 1763 1765 1770 1773 1775 Cabri The Declaration of Independence The Stamp Act The Boston Massacre Lorem Boston Tea Party The Proclamation of 1763 The Stamp Act was a law that the King passed which put tax on every paper that the colonists wrote.To show that they paid the tax on the paper each paper would have a stamp place on it. To get the Kings attention, three men dressed up as Indians and jumped onto a boat that held tea.They then took the barrels of tea and British goods and dumped all of it into the harbor.This made the King furious. If they dumped all the goods that was a waste of money. Then the King would be the one who would loose all that money Amet The Proclamation of 1763 was a line that was made that the colonists could not pass.This was to keep the Indians away from them. They feared that the Indians would take their land. Revolutionary Infographic The Boston Massacre happened on march 5, 1770. It started with the colonists teasing and taunting one of the British soldiers. The solider then call over more soldiers for help. There was a huge crowd of soldiers and colonists. The soldiers heard fire and fired at the crowd of colonists. Paul Revere painted one of the famous paintings from the time period of the Revolutionary War.He used propaganda and made it seem like the colonists were innocent. It was later called a Massacre even though only five people died.To this day people still debate whether this event should be called a Massacre The British attacked the Americans at Bunker hill.The Americans ran out of gun powder and cannons. The Americans lost some men but the British lost the most. Since the Americans had no gun powder or cannons left they fled. Even thought the Americans fled they still killed more then the British so they feld and won the day! Battle of Bunker Hill On July 4, 1776, or founding fathers met and decided to be free of England. They agreed Thomas Jefferson should write the document. At first, King George III did not believe that they had freed themselves but,once the Americans became free he was furious. Since then, American had been free and we all celebrate July 4 as Independence Day
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