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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Calva ry British vs America nWeapon ry British vs America nWeapon ry Brow nBes sRifl e Heavy Cannons French Ships Pistols Calvary provided a distinct mobility advantage, with horses beingfaster than men. The Brown Bess rifle was a flintlock rifle that was effective, and could be mass produced Light Cannons Warshi ps Ferguso nRifle The Kentucky Long Rifle had increased accuracy with rifling, which spun the shot for accuracy While they had few, the Americans had cannons that fired heavy shots French ships backed the Americans andblockaded the British at sea All British soldiers were armed with knives at the end of their gun The British had light cannons, but they had a lot of them The British had strong war ships that fired upon cities from far away Britain and America had many advantages and disadvantages in their weaponry. Kentucky Long Rifle The Ferguson rifle shot a very heavy musketball, which slaughtered anything it touched America America Britain Bayonet Pistols were given to Captains and could fire 6 shots without reload. How did American Weapons Compare to British Weapons?American weapons were not as effective as British ones. The British could mass produce their warships, weapons, and cannons yet still have an effective weapon How important of a role did weapons play in the Revolution?Weapons played a big role in the Revolution because they depended on how much power a single troop or group of troops had and that sways the tide of the battle.
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