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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Early Battles of the Revolutionary War Who? Where and When? What was the outcome? Who? Who? Who? Casualties Bunker Hill: American Leaders-Joseph Warren, William Prescott, and Israel Putnam.British Leaders- General William Howe, and Major John Pitcairn.The Battle of Long Island:American Leaders- George Washington, Colonel Edward Hands, and General Charles Lee.British Leaders- General Cornwallis and Clinton, General William Howe, and Richard Howe.The Battle of BrandyWine Creek:American Leaders- George WashingtonBritish Leaders- General William Howe Bunker Hill: Date- June 17th, 1775Location- Near Boston Massachusetts The Battle of Long Island: ADate: August 27, 1776 Location: Long Island, New York Battle of BrandyWine Creek: Date- September 11, 1777Location- Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania Bunker Hill: The British won and they took control of Boston.The Battle of Long Island: The British won and took over New York City. The patriots retreated to Pennsylvania.The Battle of BrandyWine Creek: The British wonand took over Philadelphia. Bunker Hill:Americans- 441 dead or wounded.British- 1,150 dead or wounded.The Battle of Long Island:American- about 2,000 dead or wounded.British- about 400 dead or wounded.The Battle of BrandyWine Creek:American- 1,300 to 1,900 dead or wounded.British- 600 to 2,000 dead or wounded. It was closer to 600 dead or wounded. British Advantages: - The Battle of Bunker Hill:Large fighting forceSuperior NavyMore supplies- The Battle of Long Island:Strong NavyLarge fighting force- The Battle of BrandyWine Creek: Superior NavyLarge Professional Fighting Force
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