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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Revolution Comparison French American -Liberté, égalité, fraternité Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death -> The Motto of the French Revolution -Don't tread on me-Join or Die-Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Following the seven years war and the American Revolution France was deeply in debt, leading to raised taxes in an attempt to restore the economy. This bred resentment between the common people and the more privileged aristocracy and clergy. The Colonists reacted badly to taxation from across the pond. Several of them figured that since the king was not present he should not rule them. Their protestswere met with punishing taxes and various other laws. The above speech by Patrick Henry was creditedwith tipping the balance ofopinion and gettingVirinian troops dedicated to the Revolution. Shown above is George Washington,one of the Generals of the AmericanRevolution, who became the first American President. He set a precedent by serving two term as Presidentand then stepping down, returning to hisfarm rather than seizing power. BOTH were fueledby ideasfrom theEnlightenment The Fall of the Bastille was the 'official' beginning of theFrench Revolution. It was mostlyimportant because of the symbolicmeaning behind common peopleattacking an important Aristocratic prison, rather than it being any sort of strategic victory. The Boston Tea Party is oneof the most famous pre-revolutionprotests of the unfair taxes. <-Fought by the lower class <-led mostly by middle-class white men <-Over 18,000 people werebeheaded due to the newly invented Guillotine duringthe 'Reign of Terror'. (Only seven prisoners were actually in the Bastille at the time)
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