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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Setting Daisy and her two secret agent guardians now live in Omaha, Illinois in a little house. Themes Friendship: New friends were the highlight of the book. Adventure: Daisy was always searching for something different... Plot Daisy West has died 5 times. How? Daisy is part of a secret program called Revive. Revive is a drug that brings people back to life. As a 16 year old, Daisy has had 5 last names and has moved 5 times. Now, Daisy and her two secret agent guardians are in Omaha after Daisy dies from a bee sting. She has become friends with siblings Audrey and Matt. Daisy soon finds out that her new best friend, Audrey, has cancer; she only has a year to live. Just use Revive right? Wrong. Revive does not work if you are unhealthy before dying. With everything, having to do with the program, going on, will Daisy and Matt find a way to save Audrey? Read Revived by Cat Paterick to find out. Revived: Cat Patrick Main Character: Daisy West Daisy West has a complex and sometimes annoying life. She is smart, though. She figured out a case for the program in less than an hour, all the while being on the phone with her best friend. She is also daring. When Daisy was surrounded by bees, she called Matt, even though she knew that the slightest move or sound would send the bees stinging. But, through all of her chaotic life, she is caring. While in Seattle, she heard that Audrey had fallen under a coma. Daisy quickly went home to be by her friend's side. Daisy is truly a good person. She just has to be a good worker, but also a good friend. Sarah Ammari: Period 1/2
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