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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bachelor of ArtsMajor: EnglishMinor: History Wilfrid LaurierUniversity: NipissingUniversity Bachelor ofEducation NipissingUniversity Major Research Paper:Teacher Attitude Towards Technology Teacher Gravenhurst Public School 2006-Present Grade 7/8 All subjectsGrades 1-8 Music Digital LearningClassroom2008-Present He is attuned to 21st Century Skills, and understands the urgency of engaging our students-- especially the boys-- by usingtechnology to make learning relevant, focused and exciting. With dedication to quality teaching, his proven teamwork, and his skills and passion for technology, Mike has the potential to make great contributions to education. I see Mike as an asset to any school. Mike has worked diligently to improve relationships with all students, but particularly ones who demonstrate a cleardisengagement from the school community. 2010-Present TeachingExperience Education Michael De Rose TechnologyExperience Grade 5All Subjects Mr. De Rose has an engaging and inviting open personality. This tends to encourage the students to take risks, and this in turn results in highly motivated learners…” Mr. D creatively presentsinformation, and makeslearning fun 2006-2008 Literacy CoachSpecial EducationResource Teacher Resume Masters ofEducation Input From Others Equity Technology 1-416-937-7982 June2014 Denise Jordan ICT Consultant, TLDSB 2009-2010 School TechnologyAdvisor & Site Administrator Presenter @ TLDSBSummer Institute"Technology Island" Workshop TrainerGoogle DriveSmart NotebookIntegrating TechAssessing with TechUtilizing BYOT Steve BinstockTrustee, TLDSB Recent PerformanceAppraisal @MrDRose Mr. D treated my child and his/her needs with respect,care, and knowledge. Always Usually Sometimes Rarely Parent Feedback Passions Within Education Relationship Building Student Feedback
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