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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Christopher Richter Technology Administrator/Teacher Leadership through collaboration. (860) 643-5862 2013-Present Technology Administrator 2006-Present Southington Public Schools District wide chairman ofthe professional development technology team. Responsible for the analysis of district technology use and the implementation of a comprehensive plan to increase digital literacy in all of the districts teachers. Middle School Social Studies Teacher Southington Public Schools Teacher with 7+ years of teaching experience, leadership in innovative teaching practices,professional development and a passion to make learning meaningful for every student that walks through my door. Career Education January 2007-August 2009 Masters of Science in Special Education September 2001-December 2006 Bachelors of Science in Social Sciences Secondary Education Skills Glastonbury, CT Student Quotes "You are the teacher who actually understand us as kids and makes learning easy and understandable."-MF Personal Interests Find Me Online (Education) Skills (Technology) -Flipped/Blended Classroom -Collaboration -Positive Relationships -Project Based Learning -Google Apps for Education Certified -Blog/Wordpress Creator -Learning Management Systems -Interactive Presentations Skills (Leadership) "You are one of the only teachers I have ever had who is both passionate and compassionate. You made the learning experience both fun and educational, and recognized us all as individuals with different personalities. You truly cared about us, which makes you my favorite teacher!"-AP -Team Based Collaboration and Direction -High Standard of Communication -Interpersonal Relationships -Sense of Humor -Data Analysis
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