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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Used to Treat: SpecialPopulations: People with sleepingdisorders such asInsomnia. Generic Name: Temazepam Route of Administration:OrallyDosage:30 mg before sleeping Distribution: Pharmacokinetics Affects chemicals in the brain that maybecome unbalancedand cause sleepproblems such asinsomnia. It's filtered through thekidneys and excretedthrough the urine. Metabolism: Restoril is distributedto the body by bindingto plasma. Restoril Studies show that Restoril improved total sleep time andlatency in people with chronic insomnia. It also improvedtotal sleep time, latency, and the number of awakeningsduring the night in patients with transient insomnia. Mechanism of Action: Absorption: It is absorbed throughthe GI Tract. This drug completely metabolizes through conjugation prior to excretion; 80% to 90%of the dose appears in the urine. The major metabolite is O-Conjugate of Temazepam. Excretion: Clinical Studies: Warnings: Worsening of insomniamay be the result of anundiagnosed psychiatricdisorder. May lead to theemergence of new abnormalitiesof thinking and behavior.Can lead to change in behaviorsuch as agitation and hallucinations.May also lead to sleep driving,depression, and suicidal thoughts. Precautions: There is a risk ofoverseddation,dizziness, confusion,and/or ataxia in elderlyor depiliated patients.Take caution whenprescribed todepressed patients. Cost: 30, 7.5 mg capsules- $422.21100, 15 mg capsules- $1,397.4630, 22.5 mg capsules- $459.07100, 30 mg capsules- $1562.83 Michelle Gonzalez7th Period Trade Name:Restoril
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