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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Responsibilities of Parents to their Children EDUCATION SUPPORT EMANCIPATION FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY LAWS truant: a child whomisses school withoutjustification paternity suit: Actionin court to establishfatherhood parents must supplythe basic necessities,including food, clothing,shelter, education, andmedical care children are free fromthe legal control andcustody of their parents some states requireadult children to takecare of their elderlyparents Parents have the responsibility to carefor and nurture their children. Without theirparents children in this world wouldn't stand a chance. PATERNITY DISCIPLINE CARE AND SUPERVISION MEDICAL CARE SUPPORT EARNINGS AND EMPLOYMENT DNA tests are99.9% accurate This normally takesplace at age 18 school is requiredfor children ages7-16 Parents must provideproper medical anddental care Parents have a legalright to take theearnings of theirminor child parents have a rightand a duty tosupervise anddisipline their children there is no minimumrequirement for thenumber of hours aparent must spendwith their child parents dont havethe right to useany of that money CHILD ABUSE child abuse occurswhenever any adultor older child inflictsor threatens toinflict intentionalphysical, emothional,or sexual harm double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. child neglect is the failure to properly feed, clothe,shelter, educate, supervise, or tend to the medicalneeds of a child
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