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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 r The Human Body Respiratory system Primary organs:MouthTeethEsophagusStomachSmall intestine Large intestine Function of the Respiratory system: The Respiratory system is how we breathe in and out (inhale and exhale). The nose,throat,and lungs are part of respiratory system. They work together to bring oxygen gas into body and expel carbon dioxide.The Respiratory system also helps get rid off germs. Sneezing ,coughing,talking,smelling,and hiccups involve the respiratory system. http://www.militarydisabilitymade ml Structures involved in breathing: The Nose:When you breathe air must travel through the nose,trachea,and bronchi and then moves into your lungs.The air you breathe goes into your nostrils which is the two openings in your nose.Then the air goes nasal cavities also known as the two spaces in your nose.The nose produces a new batch of mucus every 20 minutes Trachea:The bumpy tube like structure you feel on your neck is the tranchea also known as the windpipe.The bumps on your neck from the trachea are the rings or the bands of cartilage.The rings of cartilage make trachea fexiable so you can bend your neck.It's ridge so it keeps can an open pass way for air.As air moves down the trachea mucus along the pinning traps dust particles and bacteria then they are swept out of the tranchea and up to nose or mouth by cilia something's the aortic also cause irritation cause to sneeze.At top of the tranchea is box shaped structure called larynx or voice box.The voice box made up of cartilage. Structures in larynx are responsible for producing vocal. Lungs:When you breathe air moves through the nose and trachea,incoming air is clean and moist then air reaches a place where tranchea branches into 2 tubes this place is the bronchi.Left bronchus enters left lung and right bronchus enters right.Now air is in the lungs.Lungs are the main organs of reparation system the bronchi divide they continue to divide again and again becoming narrower until they are tiny tubes. Gas exchange in the human body (oxygen and carbon dioxide): Lungs are the main organs of reparation system the bronchi divide they continue to divide again and again becoming narrower until they are tiny tubes.At the end of the tubes are hundreds of round sacs that resemble clutors of grapes called alveoli.Each alveolus is surrounded by blood vessels called capillaries.Air enters alveoli oxygen in air seeps through thin walls of tiny sacs into capillaries that surround.blood slowly moves through capillaries and picks up oxygen and carries it to cells throughout body.When oxygen-rich cell reaches cells it realesed oxygen.At the same time blood picks up carbon dioxide produced by cells during Respriation can returns to alveoli.Mostly because of air rarely in lungs for more than a few seconds the exchange of gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) takes place quickly,then the breaching structure enables more than 2400 kilometers of airways to fit into a small area called the chest cavity then lots of oxygen can seep out of lungs and and carbon doxide can seep back into lungs in a short time. http://www2.estrellamountai BioBookRESPSYS.html
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