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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Footprints! My Ecological Footprint My Carbon Footprint What is it? What is it? What is it? I cause 11 greenhouse gas emissions a year. Your ecological footprint is how much land it takes to sustain your lifestyle.Everything from the farmland for your food to the oil rigs to generate heat foryour home, the forests for the resources to build your home (if it's made ofwood), & other things contribute to your ecological footprint. I use 1954 gallons of water every day -- 76 for my stuff, 41 for myhome, 689 for my diet, and a whopping 1148 for transportation andenergy! Your water footprint is how much water you use on an average daywith your lifestyle. Obvious uses like showers, baths, and washing yourhands are accompanied by more secret ones like the food you eat, yourenergy & transportation. If everyone lived like I did, we'd need roughly 4.3 earths to sustain everybody! My Water Footprint Your carbon footprint is how many greenhouse gases you inevitable release intothe atmosphere by going about your daily life -- transportation, heating your home,and even the food you eat contributes to your carbon footprint. So? So? Releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is harmful to the ozoe layer andtraps more heat in the Earth's atmosphere, contributing to global warming. Water is a nonrenewable resource, so we can't get more once we useit all up. It's a vital resource to survival, so it's important to preserve it. So? If we deplete a lot of the Earth's resources, we'll run out quickly, and then wewon't have enough left to sustain human life with. There are multiple ways to reduce your ecological footprint, and they're not hard. Ifyou cut down a little meat from your diet, and ate more locally grown foods, itcould make a huge impact. Even just a little bit really adds up. Especiallyif multiple people are doing it! Or, cut down on how often you buy newmaterial goods that you don't really need. For example, skip the gen5 phone and wait for the 6th if you already have the 4th one! It can get yousome discretionary money too! Try using public transportation every once in awhile instead of driving your car, or try carpool. Remember, you don't have todo that much -- just a little bit helps! How Can I Help? How Can I Help? To offset your carbon footprint, you can start by recycling more and makingcompost with yard trimmings & leftovers. Take less trips to the store, & stay homefor the next vacation instead of flying out of the country. Also, eating less meat & moreorganic products can help. How Can I Help? By:Peter Quinn There are some pretty obvious ways to reduce your water footprint.Do less laundry loads -- keep your clean clothes away from the dirtyloads so you don't rewash them and waste water. Stop sitting aroundpondering about life's mysteries in the shower. When you brush yourteeth, don't leave the tap running just doing nothing. Just because asingle crumb from your previous meal got on your plate doesn't mean youneed a new one now. If it's rained recently, there's no reason to wateryour garden or have the sprinklers on in your yard! Eating less meat --yes, meat has been picked on quite a bit in all the footprints, but that justmeans you can lower 3 footprints in one activity! Even driving uses water.Remember, water is important, & we'll run out if we don't stop using itfaster than it can replenish itself! Food31.9% Housing20.9% Transportation23.9% Waste5.6% Products & Services17.70% Waste5.6% Gasoline &Natural Gases27% Food15% Flying4% Products &Services38% Consumption5% Recreational14% Transportation19% Goods &Services35% Home27% Average Footprint Makeup Average FootprintMakeup Average Footprint Makeup
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