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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tel: 01952 281900 Fax: 01952 291272 Email: Web: Ian Jewitt, Managing Director, NFU Mutual Risk Management Services ResourceBank Recruitment Ltd, RBR House, Hawksworth Road, Central Park, Telford, Shropshire TF2 9TU We have been using ResourceBank for over 4 years during a period of significant expansion.During that time we have developed a very good relationship with the RB team. They havebeen heavily involved in all stages of recruitment and have provided a vital service to us.The number and calibre of applicants for the roles has been extremely good, even to fillspecialist roles with particular qualifications and experience needed. Case Study Series To increase headcount to improve understanding and depth ofrelationships with customers, reduce loss ratios, streamline therecruitment process and add value to the business. 4,818 Website applications " 99 294 Assessment Day Participants 64 Key Facts Telephone Interviews 804 Before and After The Delivery Single Recruiter working as intergral part of RMS Unco-ordinated, ad-hoc process Cohesive, planned end-to-end process Unstuctured, repetitive interview process January 2010-December 2014NationwideHealth & Safety ConsultantsSales ConsultantsLoss Control SurveyorsEnd to end off-site RPOTeam of 2 Duration:Scope:Skills:Service: Resource: Comprehensive assessment with competency focus Multiple, transactional recruiters SuccessfulPlacements In-depth Interviews The Challenge Multiple, transactional recruiters Since 2010, ResourceBank has worked in partnership withNFU Mutual Risk Management Services (RMS), as a seamlesspart of their business, to manage a nationwide recruitmentcampaign to support a period of significant growth. "
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