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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Prepared bilingual theatre and music lessons GPA:3.9 Teaching Artist Apprentice- American TheatreCompany; Chicago, IL C Javascript Perl PHP Windows Skills: Comedy Travel @morgreene Adapted literary material for CPS high school students,Collaborated withteaching artists 2014-2015 Public Schools Internship- Henderson Elementary;Chicago, IL The Theatre School atDePaul University BFA Theatre ArtsDirecting Focus Exp.June 2015 Ground LevelIntervention Intern- Free Street Theatre;Chicago, IL Artistic/Education Intern- Chicago Children's Theatre; Chicago, IL Youth Afterschool Teacher- Parir Grandir;Paris, FR Asst. to Managing Director- Freed Center at Ohio Northern;Ada, OH HowlRound TYA Today "Chicago's Theatre For, By, and With Young Audiences" Exp.June 2015 Exp.June 2015 ongoing "Everybody's a Critic" Fall 2014 "The Controversy in Chicago...the Critical Review of God's Work" May 2014 2014-2015 2013-2014 2012-2013 2011-2012 Position: Production: Venue/ Director: DirectorAssistant DirectorAssistant DirectorAssistant DirectorDirectorAssistant DirectorDirector And Then Came TangoThis is Modern ArtIn the HeightsCharlotte's WebWrights of SpringPhoenixHotel Cassiopeia Theatre Arts Lab Series at DePaulSteppenwolf for Young Adults/ Lisa PortesThe Theatre School at DePaul/ Lisa PortesBroadway Playhouse/ Ernie NolanThe Theatre School at DePaulThe Theatre School at DePaul/ Brian BalcomOhio Northern University Event Planning Language Great With Kids Film Editing Personal Assisting Birthdays,Bar Mitzvahs, Special Occasions Intermediate- Advanced French Private Tutor and Nanny for 6+ Years Adobe PP 2014,FinalCut Scheduling, organizing, planning ahead Individualized lesson plans, tutored, and motivated students Faciliatated discussions,coordinated research materials, Edited film footage, Created study guides, Developed educational resources- Camp Red Kite Maintained children's series, Contributed in grant writing DIRECTOR TEACHER WRITER Education: Experience: Publications: Production Experience: 2012 Minor: French (B2)Study Abroad: Catholic University of Paris French, Anthropology and FilmSelected Coursework MFA Directing Theories (Damon Kiely) TYA Dramaturgy (Ernie Nolan) HowlRound
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