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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION PROCESS 1. ZONING First, you must scope the area for a potential building site. 3. DESIGN AND PLANNINGThird, designing and planning the layout of the building and what materials will be used. 4. BUILD FOUNDATIONFourth, the foundation is the mostimportant part in constructing a house or building. 5. FRAMEWORKFifth, once the foundation anddesigning is done, you must start the framework of the house. 6. WINDOWS AND DOORSSixth, you shall construct all of the wondows and doors for your building and put them in. 8.INSTALLATION AND DRYWALLEighth, in order to ensure warmth, andappeal, installing installation and drywallare essential in building a house. 9. CARPET, PAINT, CONCRETE, ETC.Ninth, putting in carpet and paint inside the house and installing concrete in and around the house will add a more appeal and reinforcement to the building. 10. Hardwood, and roofing.Tenth, put down all hardwood on the floors of the house, and construct the roof. 2. CUSTOMERSSecond, you search for customers looking to build a house and pay forit. 7. ROUGH PLUMBING/ELECTRICALSeventh, you should complete the task of planning and constructing allof the electrical and plumbing for yourbuilding. 11. Bathroom and electrical hardwareEleventh, finish up all bathroom and materials in the building. 12.Exterior paint, Exterior concrete Twelfth, paint the exterior of the building and concrete of the building and parge the foundation by removing all debris and making it clean and dry. 13.Bathroom tiles, counter tops, CabinetsThirteenth, place all tiles that will be in the bathrooms, put all counter tops down, and build/install cabinets for your building. 14. Finish plumbing/electrical, carpetFourteenth, Finish all plumbing and electrical options for your building and place carpet down. 15. Hardware, inspection, cleanFifteenth, complete a final inspectionof your building, install all hardware, and do a final cleaning.
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