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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Residential Construction Process 1.) Planning 2.) Site Preperation 3.) Slab 4.) Frames 5.) Roof 6.) Brick Work 7.) Rough Ins 8.) Waterproofing 9.) Carpenters 10.) Lock Up 11.) Basic Decoration 12.) Inspection & Handover Before you begin anything, you have to present a construction design and get it approved. Once you get a design approved, you must prepare the work site. This involves clearing the work area and pegging out the site. Before you can begin any complex framework, you have to lay out the plumbing. Once the major plumbing is complete, you can begin to assemble the houses framework. The roof supports must be finished. Then, the roof is assembled. By completing the roof now, the important frameworkhas more protection from weather. Once the roof is completed, you can begin to fill the frames with your house material. You have to go back through the brickwork to install electrical wiring and pipes. The house will be double checked for areas that need water proofing. Carpenters will install the skirting boards, door jams, architraves, doors, kitchens, etc. All external doors are locked as the house is preparedfor the handover. The prime cost items such as baths, mirrors, etc. are installed. You will inspect thehouse and bring any problems to the managers attention. Once the house is to your liking, a handover will take place. double click to change this header text!
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