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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Name: _________________Class Period: ___________Date: __________________ How to Write a Research Paper What is a research paper? Two typesof research papers: Three steps: A research paper involves _______________________________________________________________________________________________.It's made of ___________ ideas, backed up by ______________________________________________________________________________. An ____________ research paperuses _________ to analyze one aspect of an issue.Example: ____________________________________________________ An __________ research paper uses____________ to convince the reader that _______ opinion about the topicis correct.Example: _____________________________________________________ 1. SELECT A _________: Do you already have a topic or a thesis statement from your teacher? If not you have to THINK. Ways to look for inspiration: _________, __________, __________. 2. WRITE A _____________: A thesis is a _________ sentence summary of what your paper will cover/prove. 3. CONDUCTING _____________: Gathering material! Brainstorm what sources could be used. Where can you do this?________, ___________,_________, ____________. Thesis practice: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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