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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 If women are people, and so are men How come women are still neglected gender wise? WomanInequality There is a lot of inequality towardsthe female gender and multiple projects are trying to solve these problems, whether its marriage, stereotypes, or inequality in general.He for She project is an organizationthat is trying to build awareness for the male gender to participate against gender inequality. over 205,000 men are participating in this act. They want to fix the human rights issue against gender inequality, stereotypes, racism, etc. The act towards gender inequality was originally conceived as a struggle led by women for women. Girls not brides + I am a girl These two groups mostlyrecognize girls that are forced into marriagebecause its gained in religion, and recognized through their background,and because most families cant afford to take care of everyone in theirlarge families.So, they are given a dowry to organize a wedding, pay fora new house for the bride and groom, and pay for furniture and such. -Abusive relationships.-Most die in under aged labor.-Usually they dont survive through labor, and their childrenare also high at risk and the families are usually poor, and cant supportthe medical treatment, and also cant pay for much.-1 in 3 girls will marry before they are 18.-1 in 9 will marry before they are fifteen.-In the four countries where child marriage is most likely to occur, more than 60%of the 100% are married to another before they are 18.-Many daughters with uneducated mothers will fall into their mothers footstepsby marrying young, dropping out of school, starting an early family, and then going into the non stopping cycle of poverty. This procedure usually happens in countries that are developing- India, Africa, Europe, etc. Over 140 million children will be married before 2020. Like a Girl People are JUST starting to recognize that this is a problem,women inequality, gender stereotypes, the racism, why cantpeople recognize we all are the same? We all are just people.What difference is there from us? We are breathing the same air and living on the same planet. What gives others the right to disregard girls for what they actually are? For instance, womenin a normal city would get payed less, and have a lower chanceon getting higher jobs because men still have the say. An example; If a woman has the same grades as a man in university or college, who would be most likely to get the best job? The man.Just because the marks are lower, apparently he seems more of a person to gain the high paying jobs. What if this woman had higher grades than he did? That doesn't exactly seem like its fair that hegot the job and she didn't. And also, when did Like a girl become a joke?People dont realize they are doing it, but they do on a regular basis, neglecting against the female gender. Why do we do that? We think its funny, we dont even recognize it as being negative towards ourselves.If women were considered as the stronger gender and we said like a boy how would the reaction be? Would it be different? Would it be the same?We all are people, why cant we be treated like people, not jokes or something to toss into the garbage. Genders are supposed to be treated Equally as one. Not two forms of neglecting towards a familiar group of strong individuals who we know, as people can strive for success. Because, for what we know... We are all just people. Checkthesesitesout!
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