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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is the impact on the learning experience of on-line delivery for students in FE? What is the impact on student outcomes of studying on-line?What are the inhibitors for tutors delivering on-line learning? Informed consent. Aim to do good - teaching staff and student experience.Do no harm - ensure not disadvantaged.Bias - Too personal/Remaining objective. Research Methods Triangulation 1 2 3 4 5 7 6 Questionnaires - Students 1 2 3 4 5 7 6 Focus Group - Teaching StaffBeginning + End Rationale Aims and Objectives Quantitative/Qualitative Data Focus Group - Students Participatory Action Research Research Question Purposive.Year 2 students - 10 females.Vocational qualificationNon IT related course. Sampling Ethical Considerations Document Analysis Data Analysis Constant comparativeConstruct mapping and theme mappingDescriptive and inferential statistics 10% of publicly-funded programmes to have online component by 2015/16. Online component likely to increase. Links to eligibility for funding. Skills/knowledge gap in producing online materials. Ofsted will increase focus on the appropriate use of education technology. How we can design technology that enhances learning?How we measure that enhancement? New online learning component on funded programmes presents a challenge for smaller FE colleges which currently lack the resources, skills and IT infrastructure. Review FELTAG's recommendations, the government response.Review research on the effectiveness of online approaches.Conduct an online pilot to identify the impact on the learners and outcomes, to reflect on the consequences and identify what lessons can be learnt - What was effective? What was less effective? Plan and take action to improve online delivery of resources. Identify how tutors can be supported to deliver on-line. ReferencesThomas, G (2013) How to do your Research Project, London, SageO'Leary, Z (2005) Guide to Doing Research, London, SageFELTAG Recommendations (March 2014), (Accessed 5/11/2014)Government Response to FELTAG (June 2014), Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Available from: (Accessed 5/11/2014)
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