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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Data Mining GOOGLE by: Julie Arroyo logging on to the internetplease wait.............. With a market share of 70%, it is the most popular engine in the world. Google gathers information from: searches, website analytics, ad serving, email, Twitter, Google Apps,Google public DNS, YouTube, Google Translate,Feedburner, web crawling, and much more. Data Mining- Is the computational process of discovering patterns in large setsof data using methods of artificialintelligence, statistics, and data base systems. To extract information froma data set and transform it into an understandable structure forfurther use. Goal: What Mining Does Data Mining Downfalls Common Industries: Some of the biggest industriesthat benefit from data mining include:Healthcare, Government, Education,Retailers, and Military. Who uses this? The largest benefit for companiesto data mine is for marketability. The moreinformation they have on their customerthe more of a competative edge they have. Mining also helps the consumer.A business that collectsdata patterns can better know what their customerswant or need. Privacy is an increasing concern with the average consumer. The same technology thatmakes our lives easier also leaves us vulnerable. Tracking large amounts of customer preferences & personal information has made the public wearyof data miningethics. With our lives Big companies that collect data can sell that personal information to othercompanies or advertisers. Accessible data includes anything done online. Such as emails, contacts, shopping habbits orbank accounts. Even more personal detailsof religion, sexual orientation & political viewsare available.
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