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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top development themes of 22 analyzed Scoutand Guide Projects around the world so far:1. Poverty (SDG1/MDG1) [13]2. Health (SDG3/MDG456) [13]3. Gender (SDG5/MDG3) [9]4. Hunger (SDG2/MDG1) [8]5. Education (SDG4/MDG2) [6]6. Inequalities (SDG10) [5] Scouting and Guiding in Human Rights and Development A Mapping and Impact Assessment of Scouting and GuidingContributions to the Post-2015 Development AgendaPhase 1.0: Mapping the Relevance Research Challenge Investigator: Nhattan Nguyen,U2 International Development Studies> nhattan.nguyen@mail.mcgill.caSupervisor: Dr. Claudia Mitchell Membership of Scouts and Guidesbased in countries according tolevel of Human DevelopmentIndex (HDI) Why Scouts and Guides? Method - Archival and existing data collectionand analysis- Mapping and Impact assessment- Comparison of membership from 2012Census against Countries HDI- Comparison of Professionals (Census)against Countries HDI- Comparison of MDG and draft SDGagainst themes identified in 22 projects Global Priorities REFERENCES 64% 7.7% Medium HDI Low HDI Member Organizations with limited staff means they havelittle capacity to lead projects, let alone measure their impact. Phase 1.0 of this research project is designed to assess Scouting and Guiding'sparticipation in development and map out their related programs and projects.The main findings are that a majority of Scouts and Guides are based in developingcountries, allowing for community-led development. A challenge is that many oftheir Member Organizations have limited capacity to lead and evaluate their work.Would you like to find out more or contribute to the next steps of the research?Contact: Conclusion -
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