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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SLA Campaign and Bespoke Reporting Send an email to: Email subject: In the email: Report Request - Salon Services Salon Services Campaign Michelle Waddell N/A - (we will assume it is the 5th working day of the month) UA-2429353-10* 92105292 'Salon Services' SearchLens Report Names: Salon Services BeautySalon Services CoursesSalon Services ElectricalsSalon Services EquipmentSalon Services Hair Expected Sign Off: Where to find the client logo: 21st of January 7 credits Z:\Sally\00 To Sort\SServices-logo.jpg EXAMPLE BESPOKE REPORTING HOW TO? Yes/No Keyphrase Research Sign Off: EXAMPLE CAMPAIGN REPORTING Client Name:Report Type: Contractual Delivery Date: Account Manager:Google Analytics Web Property ID:Google Analytics profile name:Google Analytics profile ID:Competitors for linkbuilding data: Client Name:Report Type: Contractual Delivery Date: Account Manager:Google Analytics/Omniture:Report Suite:Access to Report Builder:Competitors for linkbuilding data: Tesco Grocery Bespoke 7th of each month Omniture 'Live Site' Donald Stephenson Yes/No SearchLens Report Names: Tesco Grocery British FoodTesco Grocery Fruit & Frozen FruitTesco Grocery Vegetables & Frozen VegetablesTesco Grocery Home Delivery & Home Food ShoppingTesco Grocery Online Food ShoppingTesco Grocery Grocery Price ComparisonTesco Grocery Seasonal FoodTesco Grocery Frozen MeatTesco Grocery Regional Food Keyphrase Research Sign Off: Credit Allocation: Where to find the client logo: Credit Allocation: Expected Sign Off: Yes/No 11th February Z:\Tesco Grocery\Design\Assets\Logos\Flat\tLogoMain.gif 16 credits FURTHER INFORMATION * How to get the profile/view ID: 1. Go to Admin2. In the View column, go to View Settings3. In the Basic Settings first row is the view ID How to get the Report Suite for Omniture: SearchLens keyphrase sets for Reporting: In order to get a report complete in the Reporting Week the R&D team will need to have the keyphrase sets in SearchLens two weeks before the delivery date
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