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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reptiles 21% 79% Alive vs. Extinct Of all reptiles known at the moment, 21% of thesereptiles are endangered or are vulnerable to extinction. Rep-tile noun a cold-blooded vertebrate that can be identified by having a dry scaly skin and usually lays soft-shelled eggs on land Characteriststics Reptiles have eachof the following traits: * All reptiles have backbones, therefore theyare all vetrebrates * All species of reptiles must have scales * Majority of reptiles lay eggs * Reptiles are ectothermic While the leatherback sea turtle is a reptile, it actuallyisn't cold-blooded! Leatherbackscan make their own body heat up to a certain degree. This is a picture of a boa constrictor. Although most reptiles lay eggs, the boaconstrictor gives birth to itsyoung. A Scaly Secret Over thousands and millions of years, reptileshave developed a thick, scaly skin to conservethe moisture in their bodies. This skin is waterproof. You may think this is to keep out and repel water, but it is really used to keepit inside. With this kind of skin, reptiles maynot struggle as much as other animals in situations including water loss or there beinga limited or scarce amount of water available. Warming Up and Cooling Down As I stated earlier, most reptiles are cold-blooded. However, the leatherback sea turtle does not have cold blood. It can make its own body heat. The reptiles that can't make their own body heat are ectothermic. Ectothermic means that those reptiles cannot create body heat, but instead get it from external sources.The sun is probably the most important source for heat to reptiles. Fun Facts * First species of reptiles were thought to have evolved over 320 million years ago* Species of lizards and snakes make up largest population of all reptiles* While most reptiles are, not all of them are cold-blooded* Australia is home to more venomous than non-venomous snakes* Snakes and lizards stick out their tongues to get ahold of scent particles* Particles are then sent to what is called the Jacobson's organ, so they can identifywhat they are smelling* Reptiles are the oldest type of animals on Earth* Turtles have been on our planet for over 200 million years, and some species canlive well over 100 years old* The world's longest snake is the reticulated python, which can grow over 30 ft long* More Americans die every year from bee strings than snake bites Sources Photo Sources By: Bryce Nelson About every 1 in 5 reptilesare facing extinction dueto man-made habitatloss. 19% of reptiles speciesstruggling to surviveinclude tortoises, turtles,snakes, lizards, andcrocodiles. 19% 81%
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