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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We use reported speech when we want to repeat what someone had previously said. VERBS USED FOR REPORTING Accuse Apologise Argue WHEN DO WE USE IT? REPORTED SPEECH Accused of ing Itahisa acused Alba of stealing her phone. Admit to (optional) ing; admit that (optional) She admitted to selling false products. Apologise for ing Tiffani apologised for forgetting her mother's birthday. Claim that (optional) Tiffani apologised for forgetting her mother's birthday. Admit Claim Argue for ing; argue that (optional) Deny Deny that (optional) ; deny ing No one could deny that Alex was a devoted husband and father. Explain Explain that (optional) Minja explained us the answer of the first exercise. Insist Insist on ing; insist that (optional) She insisted on going to the water party. Promise Promise that (optional); promise to infinitive Alba promise she would come with me to the meeting. Refuse Refuse to infinitive The mobile phone has refused to make new motorbikes. Say Say that (optional); in passive "is said" to infinitive Suggest Newspapers are claiming that John was told in advance. The new phone is said to include many new applications. Suggest that (optional); suggest ing She suggested that we should wake up early. Urge Urge to infinitive Marie urged them to do the homework. Warn Warn that (optional); warn to infinitive The teacher warned us that we might bring the material.
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