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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Best Tweets Apartment Revenue Management Conference from 2013 *resources - #AptReve Right from the beginning, we knew we would come home from Miami this year with valuable industry insights and long-term connections when Sara S. Graham tweeted Love it: @AlexJackiw just dubbed #AptRevenue the Cool Nerd Conference. Here is alook at some of the best tweets to come through the #AptRevenue hashtag overthe three day conference. Steve Lefkovits ‏@stevelefko Marlena DeFalco ‏@FeistyDeFalco Alex Jackiw ‏@AlexJackiw Sara S. Graham ‏@sarasgraham Judy Bellack @JudyBellack By the numbers Marlena DeFalco ‏@FeistyDeFalco Alex Jackiw ‏@AlexJackiw Sara S. Graham @sarasgraham Insights Made You Think Sara S. Graham ‏@sarasgraham Paul Valdez ‏@pauljvaldez We have moved from price transparencyto value transparency,and revenue management hasn't yet made the shift. I've placed my revenue mgmt focus on the backburner, the ARM conference just turned the front burner on high. Its my move now We need to be more strategic, more consumer focused,and take advantage of advances of technology. Hotel room choices impacted more by negative reviews than pricing; brand had no effect. Game changer for rev mngt. McGuire study Apartment Revenue @APTRevenue Alex Jackiw ‏@AlexJackiw Apartment Revenue ‏@APTRevenue Almost 500k new units to be delivered by 2014 in Top 10 submarkets. #AptRevenueIn survey residents prioritized preferred method of contact by leasing office: e-mail (67%), then cell phone & in person last. #AptRevenueStudies show that for every point increase on ascale (e.g., from 3 stars to 4), there is an11.2%increase in pricing power. #AptRevenueServe a brownie on Wedgwood china, andpeople will pay 3x more than if you served the same on a napkin.Power of presentation. What, exactly, is resident satisfaction? Meeting/exceeding residents needs by the products and services you provide. Disciplined use of measurement toolssuggests a future where revenue optimization dept leads operations and marketing. Revenue management, marketing and screening are all expenses that generate income. Treat them all the same as rev drivers.Dallas, Houston and Atlanta the markets will highest RevMan penetration, any one surprised? How to fix rev mngt: "Need to be more strategically oriented,consumer focused, & be more technologically advanced."K. McGuire We have moved from price transparency to valuetransparency, and revenue management hasn't yet made the shift. "We don't want robots, we want chameleons".The successful salesperson in a nutshell.
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