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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Risk The Cost Scenario Falling ObjectsRiotsWindstorm or hailVolcanic EruptionWeight of ice, snow, or sleet Water related damage from utilitiesElectrical surge damageVandalismExplosionsDamage from Glass You live in Boston, MA, and its' winter... A majorsnow storm has hit yourregion with a cumulative 15 inches of snow What itcovers Yourpersonal items SmokeFire or lightningTheftAutomobilesAircrafts The Basics Renters Insurance What to about know What are the potential damages to your home? What comes out of your wallet? Your roof is oldand poorly built... It caves under the pressure. For example... Your belongings are waterlogged! Yourelectronics, clothes, and book collection are all ruined! Renters insurance canhelp cover these lost objects. It usually costs $10-$30per month for a plan covering the above risks. of rentersinsurance Unintentionaldamage to another's property Personalinjury to others and medical payments of visitors Additionalliving expenses after an accident What youneed to do Have proofof ownership Be carefulof how many claims you make Some companies won'tinsure people with several claims Payments Premium: a monthlypayment for coverage Deductible:the amount you pay for each claim
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