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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Renewable or Non-Renewable Electricity Question: Would you be willing to pay more for electricityif it was coming from renewable sources? - Definitly - Maybe Depending on the cost - No, it already costs too much 0 10 20 Definitly Maybe depending on costs No, it already costs too much Sources: Well, Basically we can't do anything to change this impact because again, we are just children who can't do anything much. I think some policies the government could put in place are not complaining too much (only if necessary) and maybe lowering the cost a bit down because it'll betoo much for people to pay (people may think on using non-renewable resources if costs doesn't go down). Definitely - 5Maybe Depending on Costs - 16No, it already costs too much - 1Total - 22 Non-renewable energies come from sources on our planet that cannot be replaced, they are not sustainable. Using resources from mining such as coal, is causing damage to our environment. Fossil fuels, produce of high levels of carbon dioxide which is a major cause of global warming.Using non-renewable resources such as coal and fossilfuels, it major air pollution which is not good to theenvironment. Renewable Electricity Using renewable resources is good for the environment but hard on your wallet.Every renewable resource are sustainable like solar, wind, hydro-power, biomass, and earth's internal heat.Renewable energy facilities require less maintenance. Their fuel being derived from natural and available resources reduces the costs of the operation.Renewable resources have only a minimal impact to theenvironment. Non-Renewable Electricity
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