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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Renaissance EuropeThe Development of Out Western Worldview Social Mobility Technology Science Art Humanism This started to bring changeto all of these categoriesbecause, people started tothink about everyday life,instead of the afterlife. Emphasize common human needs, and seeksolely rational waysof solving human problems. Social mobility changed because it was no longera rigid social socialstructure. Ever sincethe idea of humanismstarted you could moveup and down the social structure. Education has changedbecause before the black death the only people that were educatedwere priests and monks.Once humanists startedtelling people what they believed a lot of peoplestarted to become educated. Art has changed so muchbecause before humanismart was rare and worthless.After the black death artbecame a big part ofculture, artists fromrenaissance such a Leonardo da Vinci still live on today. Science has changedbecause ever since theidea of humanism startedpeople started thinking of logic and science overreligion. An example of someone who thinks this way was is Galileo Galilei. After the black death religionchanged because people no longer went to church everyday.Before the plague people onlycared about the after life,everything that the people didwhile they were living was for the after life. After the plaguethey started thinking that youshould cherish every momentthat you have on the earth. Education Religion It has changed over theyears because in themiddle ages microscopes and wheels were invented. Thanks to the microscopewe now have glasses andtelescopes, because ofwheels we have motorized vehicles. The result of allseven categoriesis that since before the plague there were roles and certain places on society. Onlycertain people could leave. Then the silk road began,trading from allover the country had started. To this day we still trade using the same routs. The Result ________________ _____________________ _____________ ____ __________ ___________ ________________ ________________
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