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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TITLE Renaissance Europe:The Development of our Western Worldview <Ends with result of Western Worldveiw < Starts with the Silk Road > 2011 That brings us to our Western Worldview! Back then in Renaissance Europe, their social mobility was very harsh. You were either Royalty, A serving Knight, or a peasant or Serf. Now in our modern days, You could say majority of people would considered 'middle class'. Then there would be 'higher class' and 'lower class' Also, in our days, everyone is treated equally. Another thing Humanism brought was the change of science. With Humanism , people of the Renaissance started to gather more ideas and research about things in the world which changed their knowledge of science Technology changed alot from the time of the Renaissance. Because of Humanism, People had the opprotunity to think and invent new things that helped our society then and today. Social Mobility Education Science Technology double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Humanism is the idea of bringing a set of ethics and new ideas about people should live and act. People who practice and and hold this set of ethics are Humanists. Humanism changed a lot from the time of the Renaissance to our Western Worldview. Humanism Religion changed from back then to now. Back then almost everyone would rely on God for everything, but now Humanism has changed how people act by not just depending on God. Education changed quite a bit. Because of the interest in Humanism, it brought lots of new ideas and knowledge to people. Religion Back in Renaissance time, almost all art used to be relegiousand would show paintings of holy things. In our Western worldview, Anybody can do paintings about anything they choose. A person, fruit, place, abstract, etc. Art By: Jenna
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