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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Education Renaissance 1940's - 2010 Since books had to be written by hand and each book took around amonth to copy, the printing presswas invented. Now that books could be copied more,books spread more and so did humanism. The telescope was also invented, it helped advance science. Renaissance Before the Renaissance, youcouldn't turn from a smurf to anoble, but now, during theRenaissance you could assmurfs can now gain wealthand move up in the feudalsystem. It used to be that the church was in chargeof science because they all thought thatGod held all the answers, but when the Black Death hit, many people questioned God.With the invention of the telescope,we learned that the earth circled the sun and wasn't the other way around. Renaissance Italy had discoveredthe ancient literature of ancientGreece and Rome, and Italyshared the knowledge throughbooks, exploration, and thesilk road. The Humanists of Renaissance created a neweducational system, they taughtLatin and Greek, to have goodmanners and to be skilled fighters. Science Religion Since God punished so manyduring the Black Death even whenthey all tried so hard to pleaseGod, most changed into a newreligion, humanism. Humanism'sfocuses more on the wanting andneeds of themselves, other thentrying to please a higherbeing. Art Technology Social Mobility Renaissance What Changed During the Renaissance double click to change this header text! Art during the Middle Ages alwayshad to be about religious things,like Jesus or God, more importantthings were disproportionalityin size, more importantmore important things werelarger and less importantthings were smaller. But duringthe Renaissance, as many people]were humanism, humanists painted more realistic things, it didn'thave to be about religiousthings and things were abelievable size. Other Things: After the Black Death, there weremore opportunities, such as jobs,because there were less peopleand less demand. The humanists believed thatthe church should only controlreligion, not education andgovernment.
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