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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chronic Poverty 10.51% 4.61% 1 in 5.61 people will experience some formof Poverty The average poverty rates between 2004-2006 2 1 in 9 students report beingpushed, shoved, tripped or spit on during the school year. 1 71% of kids report that bullying is an on going problem. 82.19% TemporaryPoverty 13.20% In Poverty In Japan we can see the poverty statistics of the people- The Poverty Rate- The Chronic Poverty Rate- The Temporary Poverty Rate- The People who have not experienced Poverty Rate Poverty effects due to increases in minimum wage People who didnot experience Poverty Over 4/5 of the population has never experienced poverty But that leaves a large majority or people who haveexperienced Poverty. ALMOST 20% of a nation Amount total of each rate That means that in 2006,approximately from a population of 127,862,000 people22,772,320 people hador were experiencing poverty Works CitedYoshio Higuchi, the dynamics of poverty and the promotion of transition from non-regular to regular employment in Japan: Economic effects of minimum wage revision andjob training support The Japanese economic review vol. 64, (2013), 177-200. Print Ryuichi Kaneko, Akira Ishikawa, Futoshi Ishii, Tsukasa Sasai, Miho Iwasawa, Fusami Mita, and Rie Moriizumi, Population Projections for Japan: 2006- 2055 Outline of Results, Methods, and Assumptions The Japanese Journal of Population, Vol.6, (2008),76-114. Print.
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