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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jehovah's Witnesses About 6.9 million people worldwide are Jehovah's Witnesses In 1872, Jehovah's Witness was founded In Pennsylvania by Charles Taze Russel -God is the one and only "Jehovah"-Jesus is not equal to God-All things in the Bible are historically accurate, unless it is meant to be symbolic-BELIEVE THERE IS NO HEAVEN OR HADES-BELIEVE THAT YOU DON'T GO TO HEAVEN, BUT IF ANNOINTED BY GOD, YOU CAN BE WOTH HIM, OR YOU CAN BE REMEMBERED BY HIM. OTHER THAN THAT, THEY BELIEVE YOUR EXISTENCE ENDS WHEN YOU DIE Beliefs They do not celebrate any holidays or birthdays, because they believe that Fod never asked for Jesus' birthday to be marked, or anything to be marked. However, they do celebrate the Memorial of Christs Death, on the anniversary of the Last Supper, and they believe Christ commanded it. They celebrate it after sundown, and talk about why Christs death is important. REQUIREMENTS:You must:-Not celebrate birthdays or holidays-Not enter other worsipping areas-Must actively/verbally/physically spread the word of Jehova, and try to get people to convert to Jwhova's Witness by going door to dorr and stuff life that. WORSHIPPING: Jehovah's Witnesses worship Jehovah, or God. They worship in buildings called Kingdom Halls, as in the "kingdom" of God or the "kingdom" of Heaven. They consider themselves true Christians, though most of society says otherwise. They do worship from the bible, but they also read the Watchtower magazine, which is a magazine for Jehovah's Witnesses, to learn more about their religion, and Jesus Christ. Whereas most people only go to church once or twice a week, Jehovah's Witnesses must go to worship in their kingdom halls three times a week, starting with a lecture, then going on to the Bible.
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