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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rituals Beliefs Texts Symbols Social Structures Principles Comparing the Protestant, Mormon, and Buddhist religions Religion Infographic Stories Fouses on personalspiritual development.They believe in The Noble Eightfold Path: the solution for ending suffering. Nature of the mind: like The Three Marksof Exisitence Master-Disciple relatonship. Buddhists are not required to attend the temple rituals that are held. Used to represent certain aspects of dhamma:The Parasol, Two Golden Fish, The Conch Shell The Lotus Blossom Told by followersto explain and understand the Dharma. Intended to aid in thejourney to bring blessings. Baptism and communionare considered sacraments. Rituals instituted by Christ himself. The Protestant Bible is seven books shorter than Roman Catholics. Contains testimonies they believe in. Members have faith in one God the father, son, and theHoly Spirit. Believe that thereis a heaven for those who do good and a hell for ones who don't. Believe universe is governed by God, that Jesus came to conquer sin and that everyone on earth will be resurrected but be sent to different kingdoms. Praying, fasting, communion, endowment, and sealing are all common rituals that take place. Share stories with many others (Adam and Eve, Noah's Flood, ect.) but also have stories in the Book of Great Price where biblical themes are elabortated on. The Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Bible are the four main texts. Symbols of bread and water/wine, an angel blowing a trumpet, and baptism are all important. They do not use the cross as a symbol. It is a hierarchial church led by many different types of "General Authorities" that include the First Presidency, The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and the First and Second Quorums of the Seventy. Follow the Word of Wisdom (a health code law that prohibits a few items), hold values such as marriage and honesty and do not partake in certain activities such as gambling. The bible is the main text and some churches have different creeds that state Christian beliefs and help interpret scripture as well. The cross, dove, holy trinity, bread and wine, violet, white, red, and green are all symbols used largely in the church. Most have a "senior pastor", elders, and an office of deacon. Other pastoral and clergy positions exist as well. Moral behavior is something that is held to high standards, and it is believed that good works are not enough to save them, only God can. They follow the 10 commandments. Key:Largest circle: Protestantism Medium circle: Mormonism Smallest circle: Buddhism There is no main text. There are only small teachings: The Sutras, The Udana, The Sutta Nipata. Although these three religions vary in many aspects, they all have morals and values to follow, stories told by their followers to express their testimonies, different forms of text that outline their religion, and some sort of event that takes place after death.
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