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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Re-imagining the Modern Church Vatican II Changes in the liturgy: The council called for theactive participation of all in the liturgy.To assist with this Latin was replacedwith the language of the country within which the mass was celebrated. The form of mass and the sacraments was simplified, re-structured and adapted so that it might be more meaningful to the group that is celebrating The work of the Bishop: The work of the Bishop is exercised at three levels. First in their own district,second in union with the other bishops in their region or nationand third as a world wide body of bishops in union with the Pope.Their service includes teachingleading liturgy and caring for those in need. The Formation of priests:Future priests must be given the kind of training that allows them to work as priests in the particular social and cultural circumstances where they are located Same sex Marriage:The church should allow same sex marriage because no matterwho you love everyone should be able to get married Vatican III Women more involved in church:There should be more women involved with the church for example they should do something in the mass and liturgies and other things like that Ipads With Songs and responses on them:The church should have Ipads withthe Songs and the responses on themso that people at the back of the church can see what they are sayingif the church has the songs and responseson a power point.
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