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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Population North had very hot and warm summers. Although, that didn't last all year. Eventually, winter came and there was snow all around. That's one reason why crops had a harder time to grow in the North. Many waterfalls were located in the North. Later on people put waterfalls to useby having its energy run the factories. Climate & Geography Cities The North had cities along the Atlantic Coast for trading with Europe. The population grew in the cities from people trying to find jobs. Cities were important for the art, culture, and education in the North. The South population also increased like the North. Although, it was mostly made up of Europeans and enslaved Africans.One big factor that caused the population to grow wasthat farmers owned hugefarm or plantations. The more plantations meant more slaves. The South had very warm weathers. Its summers are warm and winters were mild. There was heavy rainfall which helped many crops to grow.Piedmont is an area with very good farmland and forests. Most people in the South did not live in the cities. They lived on farms and along the coastal plains. Some of the cities were developed as a trading center for the South. Comparison between North and South & Industrial Revolution North had an increased in growth between the 1800s to the 1860s. Immigration was a huge part of the rapid growth. All different cultures settled in Northern United States around the 1830s to the 1850s. South North Population(millions) 12 31 Slaves33% Others67% Regina Nguyen
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