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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources There are long tubes, with CFC gas in them. The gas moves inside these tubes and changes its state between liquid-gas with the help of compressor. It is a special type of compound which can absorb heat at a specific temperature, and can change its phase when compressed and can give out the heat that it absorbed before. CFC gas is later found out to be harmful for our environment and it is not used any more. pre There are 2 types of refrigerators, as old and modern ones. These 2 groups use different types of gases. Old Refrigerators Modern Refrigerators What is a Refrigerant? (USPD) some supportedthe left wing THREAT TO NATURE !! They use CFC gas Uses HFC-134a, also known as tetrafluoroethane.It can change its state to liquid at -26.6 CIt it used with the thermodynamics law in refrigerators Refrigerant CFC, HFC; How does a refrigerator work? DANGER: Refrigerant Poisoning : Can occur if someone is exposed to refrigerants like chemicals inside refridgerators too much.Some of its symptoms are; headache, coughing, chemical burns on the skin. Link to kahoot game ! : Resources: Refrigerant PoisoningInternet. ning#Symptoms312.10.15How does refrigerators work?”Internet. erator.html12.10.15 Ata Çine, Ata Arsay, Talu Karagöz
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