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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lutheranism Lutheranism was started in Germany. Lutherans believed in justification by faith. This means that those who have faith perform good works and avoid sin because God commands them to. They also rejected traditional sources of religious authority (church councils and the Pope). They published the Bible in several languages so that everybody could read it. Lutheran Church services combined Catholic practices into new Lutheran ones. Lutherans sang hymns. Many parts of Lutheranism was similar to Catholicism. Lutherans met in churches that were originally Catholic. Lutherans also used an altar, candles, and a crucifix. Though some of Luther's religion was similar to Catholicism, some were different. Prayers were written in German so everyone could read them. They also had only two sacraments, baptism and the Eucharist. Anglican King Henry VIII led the reformation on England. His new church was the Church of England AKA Anglican. He didn't even have a major disagreement, he just made it for personal and political beliefs. It was personal because he wanted a divorce and the pope denied him of it It was political because he didn't want to share his wealth and power with the church. He went so far as to closing all Catholic Monasteries in England. When the pope declared him ineligible to have a divorce, he made Parliament say he was the head of the Church of England. Anglican beliefs had a lot in common with the Catholic Church. Agreed with. Lutherans ideas of justification by faith. Everyone should have privacy in practicing their religion. Based their beliefs on the Bible. Highest ranked bishop helped the King spread his ideas. Queen Elizabeth I thought that nobody should be forced to follow a kind of Anglican as long as they obeyed the laws of England and loyal to the monarch. Heresy ceases to be a crime. Anglicans did only 2 sacraments, baptism, Eucharist Henry VIII is related to WTC, Henry I, I, etc. They were all power hungry, he didn't want to give up power to the church, connectionAnglican beliefs were primarily based on the Catholic Church and also incorporated Protestants ideas Calvinism Calvinism was founded by John Calvin Calvin lead the reformation in Geneva (City in Switzerland), he wanted to make it a perfect example of a Christian State. Calvinists and Lutherans agreed that people should depend entirely on God to be saved, no one could force God to grant salvation by doing good works and no one deserved salvation. God chose certain people called the elect. The elect were granted religious faith and salvation. Everyone else was cast down to Hell. Calvin said that God knew from the start who is saved and who wasn't. There wasn't anything that somebody could do to save themselves Lutherans and Calvinists both thought that the bible was the only true source for religion. Calvinists said that all of life should be lived according to God. Religious rules also became laws for the government (sinning was a crime). All three of these religions only practiced 2 sacraments: Baptism and Eucharist. Calvinists had strict laws based on the bible. If somebody was caught not following these strict laws, they were severely punished. Church leaders interpreted the bible into laws for Calvinists to follow Similarities Between All Three There are similarities between these three Protestant Religions. Some of these similarities include the Bible. Not only do they all use it as a tool for teaching, but it was also the Bible was the main source of authority. Another similarity between the three is he sacraments that were practiced. The Catholic Church practiced seven sacraments while he three main Protestant Religions practiced two. These two were Baptism and Eucharist.
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