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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 REFERENCE AND SENSE is the relationship between parts of a language and things outside the language . The same expression can in some cases be used to refer to different things/ persons The custodian of the tw holy mosques Some expression never refer to different things Two different expressions can have the same reference it is related to the context }} In some cases the a word or a sentence can have more than one sense Every expression that has meaning has sense, but not every expression has reference If - and + + }} Acts performed by particular speakers on particular occasions When talking about reference in connection with a sentence or part of it, we are imagining a potential utterance of the sentence or expression in questin Some timesare used to indicate sense or reference Mean means meaning etc Look outside and you will know what I mean. Sara what does pearl mean ? The same sense can be expressed in different languages and dialects Sentence utterance act of reference The mother cooked dinner for her son Dinner was cooked by the mothr for her son by the mother Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University .Collage of Language andTranslation .English Department Alanoud AlzughaibiKhloud AlHarbiLama AldahmashMonira Alduraihem Instructor/ Ashwag Alhamid -Source / Semantics a course book by James R. Hurford Brendan Heasley and Michael B.Smith Makkah Reference Utterance Not direct SimilaritySense Proposition Direct Similarity - - Bow SENSE REFERENCE The way that the term refers to that object, And it can be a word or sentence - Semantically complete=proposition.semantically incomplete=sense of a word or phrase.grammatically complete=a whole sentence.grammatically incomplete=a word or phrase. complete is the sentence. These two words refered to the ALMaddinah These two words refered to the same sense
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