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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Class- mammalOrder- Carnivora Family- caidea Genus- vulpesSpecies- red fox RED FOX Red foxes live in high lands, sometimes you can find them in tall grass and in a small cave with their young. But the main area is snowy places red fox are usually their, they carry in pacts of 2 to 3 1. Red fox can hear low frequent sounds very well. 2. Unlike most animals fox do not have a den they take there long fluffy tails and rap it around themselves to stay warm. 3. Foxes have something called homeostasis it's something that keeps there body temp. High so they don't have to hibernate . 4. Red fox make milk for there young and that's how they are mammals. 5. Shortly after the last of the seasons the Cubs dispersed and the moms and dads go out to find a new mate. 6. Red fox can have up to 10 pups in each litter depending on season. 7. The red fox is one of 21 species of fox and the largest member of the fox family. tap and hold to changethis text! 8. Foxes usually stick to a small diet since winter doesn't give you much they eat insects and mice under the snow. 9. The red fox has many enemies such as, wolves, coyotes, bears, Eagles,and humans. 10. When foxes live in dens only one reason could be natural they are keeping there young alive and well, well hidden from other animals and predators. Red foxes do not fight, no instead of fighting they hide so that there young are not at risk. But if they are at risk any way, they kick butt.
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