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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Smartphones run out of battery easily Smartphones areexpensive, unaffordable for poor people,too complicated for illiterate people or seniors Smartphones are temptation for thieves Phones are often forgottenlost or even stolen This is a result of the fact that I dug deep till I discovered an universal, biologic, human need, with which all the people resonates despite social differences and distances: the need to communicate. TxxTiT makes a clear promise: to accomplish the need to communicate in all conditions. A powerful statement that isnt solved by hi-tech phones, even if they guarantee this. And this is how many problems appear. In extreme situations you dont need glam photos, apps, touch screen, But just a backup device with the ability to communicate quickly with the important people in your life. You could lose an important meeting Miss an appointment A deal, money IF NOT... Image Inaccessible to peoplewith disabilities Smartphone Smartphones often have problems with signal strenght It happens to you that you forget your phone or You run out of battery in a very important point of time? Did it ever happen to you - to lose your phone or even have it stolen and you had something important to communicate with your family, friends or coworkers? Are you a (power) user of Twitter and want to dont miss a twit? Are you a diver and would you like to share your thoughts underwater in real time with others? Do you want to communicate with your family but they dont have regular access to mobile subscription? Are you a person with a disability and you dont need and do not afford a voice subscription and a mobile phone?
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