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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ellis Boyd Redding Education History Qualifications Work Experience Travels Graduated high school in the top 25% of my class. I made honor roll every semester of my high school career. Interests Contact Even though my record and history look as though I maynot have many skills it is quitethe opposite actually. I helped fund and continuea prisoner and guardexchange where we wouldgive the money we earned working to the guards inexchange for items. In my twenties I worked atan optical store and I had to"work my way up" in orderto become an important partof the company (16). Awards Contact me any time by phone at (915)-123-456 or by mail at 123 Freedom Drive El Paso, Texas 79821 Hello, my name is Ellis Boyd Redding but I prefer to go by the name Red. I am an extremely motivated worker and possess many great skills that are required in order to become a rental car clerk. While working at an eye glasses store I received the honor of employee of the month several times. Skills Photo Credit: cliff1066TM/ BY "I played a mean harmonica as a younger man"(68). While in prison, I worked avariety of odd jobs whichhas helped me become anextremely well rounded and skilled individual While in prison I completed additional school work to keep my mind sharp and to help me become more educated on certain subjects. Prison helped me developresiliency and character. I am used to working long hours doing very hard work. I have an incredible workethic and always finish a job that I start. The skills I developed in prisonand my ability to bargain would make me a great candidate for a rental car clerk I never received a "black mark" on my record whilein prison and won prisonerof the month several times(67). After I was released I "went across the borderand into Mexico" and whilethere I was exposed to a newand intersting culture (107). I lived in Maine for much of my life and recently moved to Texas. I also enjoy traveling and Ithink this would makeme a great personto hire as I would loveto meet new people andhear of their travels.
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