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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Harold Edward "Red" Grange friends ads sources new in the 1920's The good the bad and the ugly. information "Joe" Cooper andHenry J. Halterman left is joe cooper middle right is henry j halterman sports radioclothingwatches Joe, did you see that sheba at the game yesterday?Joe said," Oh yes I did in the front row too!"Red Grange said," yes!" Henry, would you like to go to the gin mill with Joe and I later.Henry responded,"Sure we can, it sounds like fun."Joe responded,'Yay man we going to get us some giggle water!" Henry, those are some nice cheaters you have on your face."Thank you Mr.Red Grange!" exclaimed Henry. Joe cooper, you my friend are hard boiled.Joe responded," I know, I always get told I'm really strong." Joe asked,"Red do you carry a torch with anyone?Ah, no I dont but I hope to have one soon how about you?"Red Grange asked."Joe answered,"No I do not, alone forever." Henry, wasnt that a ritzy hotel we stayed at in new york for the game?Henry responded quickly,"Yes indeed it was very nice and ritzy." I can infer how popular culture and mass media will change American lives and the country as a whole. Joe cooper, you played a great game yesterday.Joe Cooper responded,"Thanks you really are bees knees man." Henry j halterman, when is practice tomorrow you bluenose? Henry j halterman replied," thanks but its at 3 P.M."
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