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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Red Envelopes and Gift Exchange Red envelopes are are wrapped in red wrappingpaper with money inside thatare given to kids by adultson Chinese New Year. The color is red becausethe Chinese regard red asan important symbol of energyhappiness and good luck. The money is not actuallythe important part. The red paper is actually the importantpart, because it is supposedto bring happiness to the person recieving it. It is very impolite to opena red envelope in front ofthe person who gave it to you. It is actually customary for elders to give kids redenvelopes. Also it is put under someones pillow normally. One custom is that ifone is not married yet,then they do not haveto give red envelopes, but parents and relativesstill do, to represent their blessings. Gift etiquette is very important to the Chinese. Gifts are given at holidaysand special events. Most of the time, expensivegifts are not necessary, becausethe person might be embarrasedthey can not give as much. The color of the wrappingpaper is also importantin the Chinese culture. Colorsthat should be used arered, pink, and yellow. White,black, and blue are not to be used. Never write in red ink andnever write the persons name.Also never write a messageon the gift. Gifts should be presentedeithier in private or to a whole group. They nevershould be given a gift for one person in front of everyone. Always give the personthe gift with both hands.Then call after a coupleof days to thank the person
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