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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is The Red Cross the cause of EBOLA? This is what the red cross has to say about this...The red cross is asking people to donate and they say they aredoing everything they can... they claim the rumors are not true. Sunny H.Ashfia A. Obviously, this is justa theory. The man whobegan this conspiracy,does not have any evidence to prove hispoint. EVIDENCE We went aroundour class and askedour classmates what they believe. The majority said the conspiracy is nottrue and it's a childish idea. Africans believe that the Red Cross is spreading Ebola to get rid of the less fortunateand get access to their diamond mines... In conclusion we argue that the Red Crossis NOT responsible for any of the acusations that were made, for the following reasons: It's a childish waste of money and time, The Red Cross is a trust worthy company and the fact that all the other arguments claimingthat this conspiracy is true don't have any supporting evidence. EVIDENCE: The Red Cross has a REALLY good track record and why would they ruin their good name just for access to some diamond mines they won't just destroy what they have spent years building up. Sources:- Our class - We beleive that this is NOT true! People say that the theory has to come from somewhere so it's true, but what they don't understand is that just because people say it's true doesn't mean it is. 2. 3. We believe that this is just a childish plan and not worth the money and time, they can't risk millions of lives for some useless plan to take over the diamond mines. 1. Counter claim Rebuttal: The Red Cross has brought Ebola to fourdifferent west Africancountries, and onejust happens to bethe worlds largest supplier of diamonds.. Actually, Ebola was first noticed in 1976,Congo.At this time,the Red Cross didn't even help. Therefore how could they have been the ones to spread Ebola?
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