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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Glass Recycling Program Made By: Olivia, Zoe, and Agustina 56.25% 3.13% Aluminum Plastic 6.25% Paper 31.25% Yes No 87.5% 62.5% 37.5% What do you recycle most? Do you recycle more at school or home? Will you recycle in the future? Recycling is very important to our enviroment. By recycling we can limit the amount of waste there is. We have done a survey asking students at Cayman International School about recycling with the following questions.* Please be sure to recycle and reuse any materials you can, and keep our island eco-friendly. Start recycling now! - Reusing materials like water bottle, paper, forks, spoons, paint.- Repair broken things so you can reuse them.- Use mechanical pencils so you are not wasting trees.- Buy recycled content from the store if available- Have recycling bins available.- Respect objects so you can reuse them like books in a library you should not destroy them.- Dont print out papers till you know that you are ready to print.- Reuse car parts when a car breaks down.- Spend less time in the shower.- Locate any recycling bins or programs. School Home * We have asked students in 6 - 7 grade 12.5% Bibliographies "Being Green Overview." Being Green in the Cayman Islands. Acorn Publishing Co, 2015. Web. 23 Jan. 2015."Reducing Waste and Recycling." EPA. Environmenta l Protection Agency, n.d. Web. 23 Jan. 2015.
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