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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Recruiting Specialist Human Resources Skills & Attributes Education &Experience Certifications Projected Employment Salary Is this thecareer for you? Excellent ability to communicate,give clear explanations, and be persuasive Organization skills: multi-tasking and prioritising tasks Relationship building &Teamwork Being motivated by challenges, problems, deadlines, and targets Relevant degrees and/or diplomas: 1-3 years experience inrecruiting would be an asset Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) is an asset Other recognized certificates: Public RelationsManagement Certificate Human Resource ManagementCertificate Expected to see a 21% growth from 2010-2020 Current employment level is has risen from 116,345 to 117,953 Human Resources ManagementBusiness AdministrationPublic Relations The importance of the jobis growing because of theconstant need to find best fit individuals for the job the average recruiting specialist salaryis $55,800 Limited. (n.d.). Recruitment Consultant Career Guide - Human Resources Jobs. Recruitment Consultant Career Guide - Human Resources Jobs. Retrieved January 22, 2014, from Portal. (n.d.). Recruitment Specialist: Job Description & Requirements. Retrieved January 22, 2014, from HRSDC. (n.d.). Canadian Occupational Projection System . HRSDC. Retrieved January 22, 2014, from Core Duties:* Advertising and soliciting resumes from qualified candidates* Screening resumes and applications for suitability* Conducting initial screening interviews* Making hiring recommendations based upon the eligibility criteriaprovide
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